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Unique Handyman Services

Handyman Services in Granbury



Often times I am asked to provide Handyman services of a kind that I did not expect. For instance, cleaning a garage for an elderly couple. I agreed, set up tables in the garage and loaded all the boxes on top of them to make it easier to sort the contents. It took them a couple of weeks, but I was then asked to paint the inside of the garage, so it worked out well for us all.

Another time a guy wanted help slashing all the undergrowth on the way down to the dock at his lakehouse. We ended up clearing the whole property. That vastly improved the already lovely view.

Sometimes people have great ideas but neither the tools nor the ability to do a project. They want to be involved in the decision making so that the finished work will suit them just right. I’m fine with that. It’s hard to not make someone happy when I follow directions and give good advice. I really don’t mind. A lot of elderly people have done everything themselves for a long, long time, but just need a little help to completely accomplish their goals.

I enjoy meeting new people. If you have what seems to you an odd request, give me a call and hopefully I can help.


Call Sam Mortimer at (817) 894-4607